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If you are a breeder or an owner of a Kentucky bred horse, the following is information on the incentive fund.
If you have additional questions about
this program, please contact Sharon Ohler at


2022 KPHIF Review Period has begun!


The list below may be searched by registration number, horse name, or owner name. To search, use Ctrl-F and enter your search criteria.  Point totals are for Open and Amateur points and do not include green or walk-trot points.  PAC credits are listed in the final column.  Remember that these will be converted 10 credits=1 APHA point for calculation of award purposes. The total award pool for 2022 is $113,730. Remember, if your horse is eligible for both the Kentucky Quarter Horse and the Kentucky Paint Horse Incentive Funds, you may only choose ONE award. Please contact our office at Subject: Incentive Fund Award Help for help in calculating an approximate total award so that you can choose the highest award.


If you believe your horse is missing from this list, contact our office at Subject: Missing from List.  Send the horse's registration number, name, and foaling year.  Please note that we occasionally encounter issues with horses coming on to the list for the first time (after first year of showing).


To avoid delays in receiving your award letter after the close of the review period, be sure both your Kentucky Paint and APHA memberships are up to date as of October, 2023.


The Review Period will close at midnight, November 13, 2023

Please read important changes to KHBIF program regulations starting 1/1/2022. 

Program Details 

Foal Nomination Form

In-State Foal Verification form


2024 Membership Form 

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